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Hard life lessons inspired Dan + Shay’s “Bigger Houses”

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Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

“Bigger Houses” is more than just a song for Dan + Shay. It’s a track that Shay Mooney says was inspired by lessons he and Dan Smyers gleaned from prior life curveballs.

“We had to learn the hard way to stop chasing after things that don’t matter and that happiness doesn’t live in bigger houses. It doesn’t live in these things that you chase after that you think will make you happy,” Shay Mooney shares in a press interview.

“Money’s never going to bring you the happiness that you want because that just perpetuates this [idea of], ‘Alright, if I make a million bucks, I’ll be happy,’ you know? You put these goals, these markers on your happiness, and it’s just eventually going to fail,” he explains.

“You’re going make a million dollars and you’re gonna want to make two. And then when you make two, you could make four or 10,” notes Shay. “You put these contingencies on your happiness.”

“Bigger Houses” is currently in the top 40 and making its way up the country charts. It’s also the title track of Dan + Shay’s latest album, which features their #1 hit, “Save Me the Trouble.”

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