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HARDY’s a little bit country & a little bit rock ‘n’ roll on ‘the mockingbird & THE CROW’

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If you’ve seen HARDY live, you know he likes to rock. And with his sophomore album, the mockingbird & THE CROW, he’s bringing his rock ‘n’ roll tendencies to the country audience he’s cultivated.

The 17-track record is split in two halves, with the eighth cut — the title track — transitioning from the country/mockingbird side to more rocking CROW tunes. 

“It’s a rock ‘n’ roll — half of a rock ‘n’ roll record,” the hit singer/songwriter explains. “It’s also a little bit of my take on, maybe my spin on, country music, as well.”

“And honestly, THE CROW side definitely has a very deep-rooted country lyric,” he adds. “So it kind of opened the door for doing the rock ‘n’ roll thing, but it also opened the door a little more wide open for me to kind of give my own rendition of country music or, like, throw in a very country lyric over a rock ‘n’ roll sonic production, if you will.”

Of course, HARDY’s current hit, “wait in the truck” with Lainey Wilson, falls on the country side. 

Next month, he continues the theme on his headlining tour, featuring country chart-topper and fellow Mississippi native Jameson Rodgers, along with rock band Blame My Youth

HARDY’s second full-length album, which is out now, is also one of the rare country records with a Parental Advisory warning on the front.

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