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Jon Pardi praises “supermom” wife + talks favorite father-daughter activity

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Jon Pardi‘s peeling back the curtains on his life off the road — as a husband to wife Summer and father to his five-month-old daughter, Presley Fawn.

“Summer is like supermom,” shares Jon. “It’s kind of like the memes [that] you see on the internet or on social media, where the wife’s doing all the work and then the husband’s just having the best time of his life. That’s basically me. Summer does do a lot of work and I just don’t get in her way. But I do change diapers, I’ll do all the dirty work.”

With the finite time off the road, Jon cherishes the time he’s home with his family.

“We’ve been doing three shows a weekend. We haven’t done that quite a bit and it takes a lot out of me. When I get back, I chill,” Jon says, before sharing his favorite father-daughter activity. “My favorite thing to do, me and Presley go for a walk, I take her on the stroller, walk down a driveway, walk back up and she really loves it. You can feel it. She smiles every time she sees me. And that’s to die for right there.”

“So, Summer does a lot of work. I help her when she wants help. No questions asked. I just say, ‘okay,'” the singer adds with a laugh.

Jon’s headlining 2023 Mr. Saturday Night World Tour kicks off August 25 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with stateside shows beginning September 28. On October 24, he’ll return to Nashville to be inducted as a Grand Ole Opry member.

Jon’s single, “Your Heart Or Mine,” is approaching the top five on the country charts.

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