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Kris Jenner spoofs her decision to take on reality TV in Oreo Super Bowl spot

Courtesy Oreo

The Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 11, but Oreo has just released its big game spot, which puts a twist on flipping a coin.

The ad shows how people throughout the ages have made decisions — both good and bad — based on giving their Oreos a twist and guessing which side the creme will end up on, right or left.

According to the ad, it worked out well for cavemen, who decided to leave the dinosaurs as the asteroid approached — OK, so it’s not archeologically accurate. However, for the people of Troy, it didn’t work out as well when a guard allowed the famed Trojan Horse in based on his cookie’s creme.

The commercial then cuts to more modern times, when Kris Jenner takes a throwback phone call. “So every little detail of our family will be on TV? Who would watch that?” she asks, before adding, “All right, lemme twist on it. Creme on the left, we’ll do the show.”

Sure enough, the creme ended up where she predicted. “Hope you can keep up,” Jenner says.

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