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Megan Fox responds to criticism over posting friend’s GoFundMe and not paying it herself

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Megan Fox has responded to the criticism she faced after she posted a link to her nail technician Brittney Boyce’s GoFundMe page instead of donating the requested $60,000 herself.

Boyce created the GoFundMe to raise money for her father’s medical expenses after finding out he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fox posted a link to the donation page on Instagram on Tuesday, July 25, asking her more than 21 million followers if they could help out.

This sparked backlash from those who thought Fox should have just donated the money herself.

“Hey weirdos,” Fox wrote on her Instagram Story on Thursday, July 27. “Do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe Brit doesn’t want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable?”

Fox then continued by saying Boyce asked her to share the link with her followers.

“I just obliged her request,” Fox said. “Anything she needs from me personally she will ask and I will do it privately. One thing you’re not going to accuse me of is being miserly or lacking generosity. So try again another day (probably tmwr!) with some different b******* you bunch of psychos.”

So far, Boyce’s GoFundMe has raised just over $8,300.

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