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Miranda Lambert has big dreams for Wanda June Home

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As Miranda Lambert‘s Wanda June Home readies to roll out its fall collection, the country singer’s looking back on the journey of her Walmart home line — one that she calls a labor of love.

“It takes a long time to build a brand and we’re still definitely in the building stages. But every day is a new day of trying to make sure that Wanda June represents exactly who I am and who my family is and what we stand for,” Miranda tells ABC Audio. “I think that all comes from mostly just being who you are in keeping it simple, you know?”

While Miranda is still building out her home line, she’s got big, generation-transcending dreams for it.

“Wanda June is one of those lines that once we keep building it out, I’m hoping that it’s generational,” she says. “My mom has my grandmother’s dishes and I’ve got some of my grandmother’s dishes, and then I’ll get my mom’s. I hope Wanda June is one of those collectible generational things people can attach memories to.” 

You can shop Miranda’s Wanda June Home line now at

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