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Miranda Lambert unveils special Instagram filter to encourage pet adoption

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Courtesy of Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is bringing her MuttNation Foundation into the digital space. 

The “Bluebird” singer is partnering with Auras Studios to create an interactive online experience for people trying to adopt a pet through MuttNation.

The London-based music technology company has developed a special Instagram filter that shows two dogs sitting side by side in front of a digital 3D model of an animal shelter. Users will have the ability to virtually adopt a dog by touching the screen, which then transforms the scene into the user’s new pet living in their home.

“Here’s a way to spread awareness about shelter pet adoption. Use our new MuttNation Instagram filter on your story! I want every dog to find a home, especially ones that have a harder time of getting adopted, like Pit Bulls and senior dogs,” Miranda describes in a sample video on Twitter. “Thanks for helping spread awareness for pups that are easy to love, but have a hard time finding homes!”

The superstar founded MuttNation in 2009 with her mother, Bev Lambert, with the goal of advancing pet adoptions from shelters, providing support to shelters during natural disasters and more.

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