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Original co-star of ‘The Crow’ continues to slag remake

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Rochelle Davis, who was a child actor in 1994’s The Crow, continues to shade the upcoming remake of the film.

Davis played troubled tween Sarah in the movie that starred Brandon Lee, who was mortally wounded on set Mar 31, 1993, after a firearms mishap. She tells TMZ Bill Skarsgård was done dirty by the choices director Rupert Sanders made for the look of Skarsgård’s character, Eric Draven.

Sanders previously told Vanity Fair that Post Malone and rapper Lil’ Peep were among his design influences for the hero.

“Yuck” was how Davis summed it up to the gossip site.

That said, she gave props to the casting of Eric’s doomed love, Shelly, played in this version by FKA Twigs.

According to James O. Barr‘s comic book source material, Draven is brought back from the dead to avenge his and his love’s murders.

It wasn’t the first time Davis was critical of the project. She’s posted memes comparing this tattooed-face version of Draven to Jared Leto‘s much-criticized Joker in the original Suicide Squad movie.

A TikTok post from December, captioned “Boycott The Crow Remake,” saw Davis paraphrasing her own character’s voice-over from the beginning of the original film.

“People once believed that when an actor dies on set, the person responsible would show respect,” she began. “But sometimes, instead they cash in on the light of that beautiful soul, and the people that love him can’t rest. But sometimes. Just sometimes, we can boycott the crap out of that money grabber and put the wrong things right.”

Needless to say, Davis says she has “no interest whatsoever” in seeing the remake, which opens in theaters June 7.

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