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Parker McCollum invites young fan to join him onstage

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Parker McCollum recently made a young fan’s dream come true at his show in Southaven, Mississippi.

After meeting her backstage at his meet-and-greet, Parker invited Skylar onstage to join him on “Hell of a Year.” This special moment was documented in an Instagram video the country star recently shared. 

“Skylar, say hello to Southaven, Mississippi,” Parker tells the young girl onstage, before she says hi to a packed crowd. “So I saw y’all’s tweet on Twitter and gave y’all meet-and-greet passes and tonight, in the meet-and-greet, you asked if you could come help me sing ‘Hell of a Year.’ So Southaven, Mississippi, will y’all help my new friend finish this song out?”

“Which part do I sing?” Skylar asks Parker after being handed the microphone. “I got you right here,” Parker tells her as he starts singing the first line in the opening verse. Skylar then takes the spotlight to finish the verse, albeit with a word change of “hell” to “heck.”

The video ends with a roaring applause from Parker’s fans in the crowd — and possibly Skylar’s new fans.

You can watch the video in full on Parker’s Instagram.

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