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Russell Dickerson plans to crash the opening of Nashville’s first In-N-Out

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ABC/Connie Chornuk

Russell Dickerson can’t contain his excitement about California’s popular In-N-Out burger chain finally making its way to Nashville.

“Y’all, huge announcement! As you probably already have seen, In-N-Out’s coming to Nashville. I will be playing the opening of the In-N-Out in Nashville,” he posted on his socials.

There might be one little hiccup with Russell’s plan, however.

“I’ve not been invited to do so,” he added, “but I will be there, guitar in hand, at the opening of these In-N-Outs. Yo!”

Earlier this week, the iconic burgers, fries and shakes joint announced it will be opening a corporate hub south of Nashville, with plans to open its first couple Music City locations by 2026. So far, In-N-Out only extends as far east as Texas. 

Stay tuned to see if Russell can make his dream gig official. 

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