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‘The Terminal List’ cast dishes on working with Chris Pratt, says show has “twists and turns”

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The Terminal List, out now on Prime Video and starring Chris Pratt, follows a Navy SEAL whose cohort is ambushed while on a mission.

Constance Wu also stars in the series, playing journalist Katie Buranek and she tells ABC Audio the show takes audiences on a journey and is far from predictable. 

“It’s not a static story,” Wu shares. “…There’s a lot of twists and turns and things you don’t expect.”

“You just have so many questions and there’s so much mystery and every time you get a different clue, you’re like, whoa, it like blows your mind,” she explains. “I think that Jack Carr and the writers of the scripts for Terminal List did a really great job of really making it unexpected because that’s what makes it fun.”

The script wasn’t the only thing that made working on the series fun. Jeanne Tripplehorn, who portrays Secretary of Defense Lorraine Hartley in the action-thriller, dished that Pratt liked to joke around on set. 

“When we’re in a scene, he knows he’s not joking around…But he definitely has a light spirit and keeps the atmosphere…doesn’t get too heavy,” she says.

LaMonica Garrett, who audiences will know as Commander Cox in the series, shared a similar sentiment about their costar, stating that Pratt maintained the same excitement from beginning to end. 

“It was a long, hard shoot, long days, long nights. And I was there from the first day to the end,” she recalls. “But the last day of working, he still had that same enthusiasm, the same energy and the same kind of zest for coming to set. And everyone involved with that from the cast, the crew, the crafty, everyone, you know, it just makes the days better. But he keeps that same enthusiasm.” 

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