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Walker Hayes gets real on new single “Good With Me”

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Robert Chavers/Courtesy of RCA Records

Walker Hayes is back with a brand new single, “Good With Me.”

Walker penned the track with Shane McAnally and Scott Stepakoff. The vibrant pop-country song highlights various divisive social issues in the verses, before listing some good pairings in life.

“Well, Pam thinks Jesus is on his way/ Doug thinks she’s a hoot/ Rob thinks Bud Light makes you gay/ Shane thinks Rob is cute/ Coach thinks college athletes are making too much bank/ Kim thinks COVID was a Chinese prank/ Buddy thinks everything I sing sucks/ ‘Cause it don’t sound like Hank,” go the candid opening verses.

“Beer goes good with a lake/ And a lake goes good with a dock/ And a dock goes good with a fish on a hook/ And a hook goes good with a country song/ And a song goes good with a smile/ And a smile goes good with a kiss/ And a kiss goes good with you/ And baby you go good with me,” Walker sings in the bouncy chorus.

Of the song’s message, Walker tells The Tennessean, “We all need to sit and take a moment to drink a beer and keep it real. Putting someone’s divisive, polarizing opinions ahead of their humanity can lead to us dangerously dehumanizing them.”

“It’s important that — whether it’s beer, coffee, playing catch, religion, work, or something — we discover ways to recreate face-to-face relationships with each other,” he adds.

“Good With Me” is out now wherever you listen to music.

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