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Who is the ‘Gold Chain Cowboy’? Parker McCollum explains the character behind his new album

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Parker McCollum’s major-label full-length debut, Gold Chain Cowboy, arrives today, and the singer had a hand in writing all 10 of its songs.

The singer wears his heart on his sleeve from start to finish on the project, and he explains that he feels a strong connection to the titular character of the “gold chain cowboy.”

“I definitely like to flex on ‘em a little bit. I like a nice watch or gold chain,” the singer admits. “I would love to have a big house on my own ranch back in Texas in a couple years, with maybe a couple of whips in the driveway, and my big ol’ truck.”

But being a “gold chain cowboy” is about more than flash and pizazz. In fact, the singer says, there’s no point in style if you can’t have substance, too.

“I don’t think [those things] mean much if you’re not well-mannered and carry yourself the right way, and work really hard to earn every one of them,” Parker continues. “It’s kind of combining those two styles. And I was brought up that way, you know: Work very hard and try to go out and take care of yourself, and reward yourself for working hard, but carry yourself the right way. The more I thought about Gold Chain Cowboy, the more it just seemed to fit.”

For his part, Parker is quickly racking up accolades and accomplishments at country radio. Gold Chain Cowboy includes his first-ever number-one hit, “Pretty Heart.”

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