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Why Parker McCollum has outrageous country cred

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Tyler Conrad

You’ll have to work pretty hard to be more country than Parker McCollum.

Take, for example, how the native of the Lone Star State celebrated his first #1, “Pretty Heart,” back in December. 

“I was back home in Texas,” he explains, “and it was like middle of deer season and I’d been bow-hunting all season and hadn’t seen a deer I was after. And we were actually shooting a hunting TV show out there, so it’s all on camera. You can watch it on YouTube.”

“But I woke up about 5 a.m. to go to the deer stand,” he recalls, “and Enzo called me, my manager. And he said, ‘Hey, you’re #1 on Billboard and Mediabase this week.’ You know, ‘It’s your first #1. Congratulations.'”

“And [I] walked into the house and told everybody,” Parker continues, “and then we went to the stand and I shot that deer like 90 minutes later.”

“So that’s a pretty good little morning,” he smiles. “I would love for that to become a tradition.”

Parker’s follow-up to “Pretty Little Heart,” “To Be Loved By You,” is out now. His full-length debut, Gold Chain Cowboy, arrives July 30.

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