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Wolverine Players of the Week: Amber Collins, Lane Hoefs, and Bjorn Brunsberg

Photo Credit: WDC Schools

Our Wolverine Players of the Week are WDC cross country runners and 2021 MSHSL State Meet runners Amber Collins, Lane Hoefs, and Bjorn Brunsberg!

Here’s what WDC Cross Country Head Coach Mike Brunsberg had to say about their performances last week.

Amber–  For starters, she is definitely worthy in the sense that she earned entry to the state meet last year that wasn’t held because of covid! Also, Amber is the quintessential peak runner–using the entire season to keep building and building toward a section race that significantly outpaces the early season races.  Amber shaved over a minute from the August “Brave Like Gabe” meet!

Lane–  Lane has been our workout leader for two seasons–setting the pace and standard for effort and speed.  His stamp on making a strong work ethic a reality each day is justifiably rewarded.  He is proof of what any athlete in any sport is naturally seeking:  significant rewards that come to those who persist at a high level of commitment!

Bjorn–  Bjorn is a cross-training champion.  Injuries have hampered his capacity to complete scheduled workouts–frequently forcing him into biking alternatives when he’d much rather be running.  Working within this situation, Bjorn has had to “listen” to his body and make smart decisions constantly.  Also, Bjorn is the most veteran CC runner to make it to state this year–by a couple of years.  This is Bjorn’s 5th CC season and only the second time he’s run for the Wolverine section team–he’s come a long way!

Congrats on a great season and good luck running at the state meet!
Here was our conversation with the runners.