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Zac Brown Band drop their “Stubborn Pride” and head to “Paradise” with another double song reveal

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Earlier this month, Zac Brown Band shared not one but two new songs — “Out in the Middle” and “Old Love Song.”

Now, the band’s got another two-pack of songs to share, and this time, both tunes are reflective and soulful twists on the kinds of songs that ZBB fans have come to know and love over the years.

One, “Stubborn Pride,” is a bluesy love song all about finding good love and making it last — even if it means leaving your pride at the door. Americana-leaning up-and-comer Marcus King co-wrote the track, and also lends vocals to a verse. 

“Sometimes it takes people a long time to get everything right,” reflects frontman Zac Brown. “But with your stubborn pride, it’s hard to admit that you messed up a little bit and that you need a change. I tell people that are having a hard time that it’s never too late to get it right.”

Then there’s “Paradise Lost on Me,” a beachy song that will sound familiar to fans of ZBB classics like “Toes.” But unlike some of the band’s more carefree, tropical-leaning songs, if you listen closely, the track’s about heartbreak.

“I love the second verse: ‘Without you it’s just waves trashing kids’ castles and it’s the salt in the wound all over again,’” notes Zac. “The guy found love there at this spot and never found anything like it again, so he comes back to that place again to be close to where it happened. In the song, we never give away what happened to her, but you know it was something he could never actually get over.”

ZBB kicks off their The Comeback Tour this summer. It’ll run through October. 

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