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2023 Miss Wadena Scholarship Pageant Results

Miss Wadena
Photo Credit: Miss Wadena Facebook Page

The Miss Wadena Scholarship Pageant was held on Sunday, June 25 with 5 contestants vying for the title of Miss Wadena 2023. This year’s theme was “Be Someone’s Hero” referencing superheroes.

The results are as follows:

MISS WADENA 2023 is Madelyn Gallant, daughter of Norm and Mandy Gallant. She receives the Crown, Flowers, Banner, and a $1,250.00 cash scholarship as well as other services donated to the pageant. Madelyn also was the recipient of a $150.00 cash scholarship for each the Evening Gown and Interview category winner. She also received second place & a $200.00 cash scholarship for the “My Service and Leadership for Wadena” Essay.

The 2023 FIRST PRINCESS is Isabelle Larson, daughter of Jesse & Stephanie Larson. Besides the Crown, Banner and Flowers she received a $750.00 cash scholarship. Isabelle also received the $150.00 cash scholarship for the Talent Award Winner and the recipient of a gift package for the winner of the People’s Choice Award in Casual Wear.

The SECOND PRINCESS 2023 is Anna Guo, daughter of Ying Lin and Faqin Guo. Besides the Crown, Flowers & Banner Anna receives a $500.00 cash scholarship. She also was the first place recipient and a $400.00 cash scholarship of the “My Service & Leadership for Wadena” Essay.

All other contestants received a $100.00 cash scholarship.

Macie Moore received a $50.00 cash scholarship and other donated gifts each for the Ambassador Award and the Miss Congeniality.

More information on the pageant can be found on the Miss Wadena Facebook page.

Congratulations to all contestants and their families!