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CBS’ tribute to the late, great Bob Barker

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On Thursday night, CBS aired The Price is Right: A Tribute to Bob Barker, a one-hour special celebrating the life and career of the legendary game show host, who died of natural causes in his Hollywood Hills home on August 26 at age 99.

Barker’s longtime friend Drew Carey, who succeeded him as The Price Is Right host in 2007, hosted the special, which was co-produced by none other than Barker’s friend and Happy Gilmore sparring partner Adam Sandler.

Carey also saluted Barker’s earlier work in radio as a host of Truth or Consequences and his experience as a naval aviator in World War II.

Another recurring theme during the special was Barker’s “tireless work on behalf of all animals from whales and elephants to the cats and dogs who reminded everybody at the end of the show to get spayed or neutered.”

The show contained interview clips of the iconic figure in television, the winner of 19 Daytime Emmy Awards, including 14 in the Outstanding Host category.

The special also showed Barker’s work outside of the iconic game show’s set, with appearances in Happy Gilmore, as well as voice-over work. He played himself in animated series like Futurama, Family Guy and on SpongeBob SquarePants, which saw him playing a character called Bob Barnacle in 2015.

Sandler’s “Ode to Bob Barker” from the 2007 CBS special celebrating his 50-year TV anniversary was also shown.

The show also delved into Barker fandom, with Price Is Right contestants who were more excited to meet the host than to spin the show’s famous wheel and those who even named their pets after the animal rights activist.

The tribute is now streaming on Paramount+.

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