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Chris Janson brings “All I Need Is You” to NBC’s ‘Today’

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Courtesy of BMLG Records/Harpeth 60 Records

Chris Janson appeared on NBC’s Today on August 29 to perform his latest single, “All I Need Is You.”

Before taking the performance stage, Chris chatted with the show’s hosts about his latest album, The Outlaw Side Of Me; collaborating with Dolly Parton and Slash; and the importance of dreaming big.

“I tell people all the time: if there’s dreamers out there watching, if there’s kids out there watching, man, you have to dream big to win big. You have to reach for the stars if you ever want to touch one,” shares Chris. “You know, coming from a small-town guy. You ask me where I was from earlier. I was from a small town, Perryville, Missouri, who grew up watching The Today Show, OK? Like that’s the thing.”

“To be here and to be here multiple times, it’s like, that’s a blessing and a dream come true,” he says. “So it just goes to show anybody can do it. You can win in this country if you work hard.”

“All I Need Is You” is currently in the top 20 on the country charts.

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