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Chris Janson’s “All I Need Is You” is a tribute to wife Kelly

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BMLG/Harpeth 60 Records

Chris Janson‘s first new music on Big Machine has finally arrived. Just like his chart-topping hit “Done,” the new single, “All I Need Is You,” is a tribute to his wife, Kelly.

“There are so many things we all want,” Chris says, before quoting a couple things mentioned in the song’s beginning lyric. “We’ve all gotten caught up in the biggest buck of the season, the newest Chevrolet, or whatever’s caught our eye — and that’s half the fun of living.”

“But when you strip it back,” he continues, “when you look at what really matters, it comes down to that one ride-or-die person who believes in you and your dream, no matter what happens. I’m blessed because my person is my wife, my manager, and my best friend.”

In late September, Chris announced he was leaving his longtime label, Warner Nashville, to sign with Big Machine. The “Buy Me a Boat” hitmaker promises there’s “so much more music coming this year.”

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