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Conner Smith on the success of “Creek Will Rise”: “That song has changed my life”

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If there’s a song that’s taken Conner Smith‘s career to new heights, it’s “Creek Will Rise.”

“It’s been crazy. That song has changed my life,” Conner tells ABC Audio. “It was really cool to watch the song as it was growing at radio. First top ten single that we’ve had and still going. But as it would go on at radio, you could feel it growing in the live set.”

“There was like a moment where it just took over and it became the biggest song of the show,” he says.

With crowds singing along to “Creek Will Rise,” Conner’s also realized the relationship radio and live shows share. 

“There’s that line at the end of the bridge, ‘Radio won’t even let me tell you the rest,’ that the fans just scream and it’s like, undoubtedly the best part of every show,” shares Conner. “So, it’s fun to see the way that fans and radio kind of correlate. That song has definitely moved the needle for us.” 

You can find “Creek Will Rise” on Conner’s debut album, Smoky Mountains.

To see Conner on his ongoing headlining Creek Will Rise Tour, visit

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