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Did Selena Gomez break the SAG-AFTRA strike rules with ‘Only Murders’ post?

E Only Murders3 07262023

Selena Gomez‘s currently focusing on her music career, having just released the new track “Single Soon.” But she’s also an actor and actors are currently on strike — which is why some people were taken aback at one of her social media posts.

The Instagram Reel — captured by a Reddit user — was a black-and-white video of Selena, captioned “Missing and wanting.” She tagged the official Instagram account for her Hulu show Only Murders In the Building in the post.

So what’s the big deal? The rules of the SAG-AFTRA strike say that members can’t promote their work, which means that not only can they not do interviews, they aren’t supposed to post about their projects on social media either.

Many of Selena’s followers wondered why she was breaking the rules; a commenter on Reddit called her a “scab,” with another saying, “It ain’t a good look.” However, another Reddit user pointed out that Selena isn’t just the star of Only Murders: she’s also a producer. And because producers aren’t on strike, they’re free to talk about their work.

According to Variety, Selena’s post received more than 1 million likes before it was taken down, 15 hours after it went up. A rep for SAG-AFTRA declined to comment to Variety on the matter.

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