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Dolph Lundgren comes full circle with Ryan Reynolds as new movie ‘Wanted Man’ premieres

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Maximum Effort

In the end-credits scene of 2016’s Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds riffs in character about a possible sequel and who could play the character Cable.

Deadpool explains, “We just need a big guy with a flat top: Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Keira Knightley — she’s got range, who knows?”

While Josh Brolin eventually got the gig, Reynolds’ name drop apparently wasn’t just fan service to Lundgren. He just created a show on his Maximum Effort streaming channel around the Expendables star called Flip A Cöin.

The producers tease, “That’s right, for 30 minutes [the] iconic Swedish actor and filmmaker … will be flipping a coin for your enjoyment.”

They add, “Yes, this is a real show.”

Fellow Swede Malin Akerman also appears.

To ABC Audio, Dolph says, “I don’t know how it came about.”

“I was just … asked if I was interested in this concept, and … it came across as very funny. I didn’t quite understand it, but I guess it’s a, it’s a comedy show. And it’s also for people who like to bet on anything, I guess.”

He does know, however, “it was fun to shoot.”

To ABC Audio, Lundgren has a laugh about the meta full-circle moment, from Reynolds-as-Deadpool mentioning him to working with the superhero’s real-life Canadian alter ego.

“It’s interesting,” Lundgren laughed. “I have some other projects with him, too, maybe in the future.” 

As for the present, Wanted Man, the action movie Dolph directed and co-wrote, is now available to rent or own from Vudu and other streaming platforms.

The thriller, which also stars Kelsey Grammer, has Lundgren playing an American cop tasked with escorting two witnesses to a pair of DEA agents’ murders from Mexico to the U.S.

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