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From designing his dream album covers to hitting #1, Nate Smith is making his mark

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This week, newcomer Nate Smith scores his first #1 on the country chart as his debut single, “Whiskey on You,” takes its place at the top. 

Next up, the Paradise, California native is set to release his self-titled debut album — something he’s been dreaming of for quite awhile.

“It’s like one thing to put out singles, you know, and I love doing that,” he tells ABC Audio. “But the honor of getting to put a whole album out is crazy. I have wanted to do that since I was a kid.”

“I used to design album covers when I was 12 years old on Microsoft Paint,” he reminisces, “and I’d attach the like record label logo onto it and all that stuff. So it’s pretty wild.”

When Nate’s album arrives February 17, it won’t be sporting one of his self-made covers, however. Instead it’s simply a photo he describes as “kind of vintage.” 

This summer, Nate heads out on tour with Thomas Rhett.

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