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Jake Owen’s “Boots Miss Yours”

M Jakeowencmas22

Jake Owen‘s ushering in 2023 with a brand new track called “My Boots Miss Yours.”

“My boots miss yours/ What ya say we get ’em back together/ Make a little trail of clothes and leather/ Let ’em hang out on the bedroom floor/ My boots miss yours,” the Florida native sings in the uptempo two-step.

“It’s a new year, so it’s only appropriate that we put out some new music to go with it,” Jake says. “I’ve loved this song from the moment I heard it; excited to finally share it with you today.”

He’s also partnering with Texas boot maker Lucchese to give away a pair of engraved cowboy boots; four tickets to a headlining show, including a meet and greet; and an autographed guitar. You can find all the details on Jake’s socials.

He also hints that “My Boots Miss Yours” is just the beginning of more new music set to come out later this year.

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