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Luke Bryan says he’s got about “half” of his next album finished

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Luke Bryan is working hard on his next musical chapter, and he’s making headway. The singer says he’s “got probably half of the project done.”

In an interview with SiriusXM, Luke provides an album update but cautions fans not to expect the full project too soon. “We’re working hard in the studio, and then go in and cut some more songs,” he elaborates. “We’ve got several songs right now that we feel like can be singles.”

In the meantime, he’s gearing up for the release of a new song called “Country On,” which will be out on Friday. For now, Luke hopes that will tide over eager fans as he continues to add to his album’s track list.

“Hopefully as ‘Country On’ is rising up the charts, [I] will spend a couple more months writing a lot of music,” he says.

Coming just in time for the 4th of July, “Country On” promises a huge dose of tempo and fun, creating what Luke hopes will be a perfect summer anthem.

“When you’re having a bad day, you know you can drink a beer and country on,” he continues. “I love what the song says. I love that it uplifts the hardworking American people out there. It brings a lot of unity, this song brings a lot of unity in. It’s got feel-good vibes all around it.”

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