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New Gallup poll says “overwhelming majority” of Americans back striking actors, writers

Actors Set To Join Writers On Strike As Sag Aftra Contract Negotiations Collapse
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

As the dual Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes against the studios continue, grinding Hollywood production to a halt in the process, those picketers can take comfort in a new Gallup poll.

According to the company’s annual “Work and Education” poll, which was conducted between August 1 and August 23, 72% of respondents say they back the striking writers in their ongoing dispute with The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the trade association representing the studios.

Just 19% backed the latter, according to the survey.

Similarly, 67% of Americans back the striking SAG-AFTRA performers, with 24% siding with the studios.

In fact, 34% of those polled say unions in general will only get stronger as a result of the high-profile entertainment industry strike, as well as recent threatened work stoppages in other industries — that number was just 19% five years ago.

While the strikes continue, both sides have publicly insisted their desire to resolve the disputes.

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