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Reba McEntire says she “probably had the RSV virus” and not COVID-19 after new antibody test

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Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA

Reba McEntire has clarified her past comments where she said she tested positive for COVID-19, saying a recent antibody test found she was infected with something else.

“I did say that I had COVID but when I got tested my antibodies, it came up that I had not had COVID,” Reba recently told Talk Shop Live, noting the antibodies in her system were from the vaccine. “I had all the symptoms.”

“I did get tested… and it said that I had it,” Reba went on, “but then the nurse that came and tested me for my antibodies said that I probably had the RSV virus.”

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, shares similar symptoms of COVID-19.  It is the most common cause of bronchitis and pneumonia, reports the CDC.

Reba says she is now “doing great” before turning her thoughts to others during the pandemic.

“I’m praying for everybody who’s contacted it — family members, friends, I’m sure praying for all of you,” she said.  “Whatever I had, it sure wasn’t fun.  Takes the energy plum out of you.”

Earlier this month, the three-time Grammy winner told fans in a TikTok livestream she and boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated.

“It’s not fun to get this. I did get it. Rex and I got it and it’s not fun,” she expressed and begged fans to be vigilant, according to People. “We were both vaccinated and we still got it, so stay safe, stay home and be protected the best you can.”

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