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‘Subject to Change’: Kelsea Ballerini announces her next album

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After weeks of new music teases, Kelsea Ballerini is officially dropping details on her next studio album.

Called Subject to Change, the new album will be out on September 23. Kelsea shared the cover art on her social media: It’s a blurred photograph of the singer in a floor-length, flowing yellow dress, her hair windswept in front of her face. Kelsea’s picture is set against a backdrop of a starry blue sky, calling to mind some of the same visual aesthetics she established in the music video for the album’s first single, “Heartfirst.”

Along with her album news, Kelsea shared an audio clip of herself discussing some of the themes behind the record, which revolve around change.

“In my younger years, the idea of change scared me,” the singer admits. “It had proven to be a faceless force that patterned my past with uncertainty.”

But with time and growth, Kelsea says, she came to have a different perspective, learned to let go of things outside of her control and began to embrace the beauty of finding new beginnings.

“This is a season of becoming, healing, loving, dancing and feeling,” she concludes. “And like everything, it is subject to change.”

Earlier this week on TikTok, Kelsea teased her upcoming album with a few cryptic details. In those clips, she said that her project would be heavily influenced by ‘90s country and also hinted that a new single might be on its way sooner than fans think.

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