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The first teaser trailer for Harry Styles’ ‘My Policeman’ is finally here

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Courtesy Amazon Prime Video

Only a few months to go before Harry Styles‘ new movie, My Policeman, arrives in theaters, and to hype fans further, Amazon released the first teaser trailer on Wednesday.

The teaser flips through some of the more emotional moments of the upcoming drama, which features Harry as a closeted officer named Tom. The R-rated film also stars The Crown’s Emma Corrin as a schoolteacher named Marion and The Last Kingdom’s David Dawson as a museum curator named Patrick.  

The teaser shows a conversation between Patrick and Tom, as the latter describes how a painting of the ocean makes him feel. “I can sense the waves.  You know how strong they are, like swimming in rough surf.  You feel they could crush you or take you under,” he describes. “You just have to let it take hold of you.”

The movie is about a forbidden love between Tom and Patrick, as the movie is set in 1950s England when homosexuality was prohibited. While Tom marries Marion in an attempt to fit into society, Patrick suffers the consequences when he is outed.

My Policeman is based on the book of the same name. After it debuts in theaters on October 21, it will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on November 4.


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